Tax laws are constantly changing. Are you confident you are getting all the deductions you could be taking saving you money now? Learn how much money you may be leaving on the table and get your money now.


Tax law provisions are available to help you recover financially from the impact of a disaster. By completing a quick survey, our software will search hundreds of programs that fit your qualifications and help you claim your benefit.

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Cost Segregation Studies are a lucrative tax strategy that should be considered in almost every real estate purchase." - U.S. Treasury

Use this simple tool to instantly see what tax credits you potentially qualify for, just for owning property!



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We help Accountants & CPAs and other business professionals working with business owners gain access to advanced tax planning strategies and specialized Incentives for their clients. I represent a national network of specialists in areas of Cost Segregation, Expense Reduction, Financial Services, Specialized Tax IncentivesCharitable Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Buy/Sell Agreements, Business Valuations, High Net Worth Investment Opportunities, not on Wall Street, 1031 DST, and the Deferred Sales Trust to name a few.


Our collaborative approach for businesses from Mainstreet to Wall Street, in partnership with their current CPA or Accounting Firm, offer best in class solutions to reducing taxes, controlling expenses, and mitigating risk. This approach leads to potentially increasing the business bottom line and realizing greater profitability. I welcome inquiries from CPA and Accounting firms on how our collaboration might benefit not only their practice but their business owner clients' as well.


Are business owners you work with expressing a desire to reduce expenses, cut taxes, and manage business risk? Our assessment model will assist you in clarifying areas of greatest concern, pulling together a team of specialists to define solutions, provide a path to implementation, and monitor results.


We offer our services on a contingency basis; no results, no fee.   

Meet Michele Boyer

​As a Business Consultant Advisor I have been serving clients since 2003.  Iowa native, I spent my formative and adult years surrounded by entrepreneurial parents and grandparents focused on using basic business fundamentals and giving back to the community.  As an Independent Business Consultant, we provide high net worth individuals and business owners with proactive, holistic planning with an emphasis strategic partnerships to various industry experts.  


I believe at our core we all just want to be happy and find meaning and purpose in what we do.  Passionately persistent, I know our team brings value to those we work and collaborate with.  When we engage in helping build one another stronger, we see positive change in our communities.  Passionately pursuing purpose.  


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